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One of the toughest wire fences Australia has even seen.

The all-new Pro-Tough fence range supplied by GalMAX comes with the renowned strength of the Fixed Knot construction, together with the heavier wires, to make this one of the toughest wire fences.
The distinctive features
of the Pro-Tough fence include:
  • The high tensile top and bottom wires are 3.0mm thick, combined with 2.5mm high tensile picket wires and 2.5mm high tensile line wires - the strongest combination of wires supplied by GalMAX.
  • Tension crimps in the line wires provide for a greater expansion and contraction of the fence in extreme temperatures. This also allows for heavy impact from animals, resulting in a much more resilient fence that retains tension.
  • The fixed know is wrapped around both the line and picket wires, allowing for improved movement and better flow across undulating ground.
  • The single vertical, high tensile picket wire adds a stiffness to the product, allowing fence posts to be spaced further apart.
  • All wires are heavily galvanised for extended life.
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