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Privacy Policy

Austral Wire Products Pty. (ABN 50 074 508 213) and each of its related entities ("Austral", "our", "we", "us") takes its obligations under The Privacy Act, 1988 (Cth) ("act") and the Australian Privacy Principles seriously. Austral respects the right to privacy of its resellers, customers, suppliers, contractors, agents and others with whom it deals ("you/your") and understands the need to protect your personal information.

This privacy policy sets out how Austral manages your personal information. Nothing in this Privacy Policy is intended to limit our obligations or permitted handling of personal information under privacy laws. It describes, in general terms, the types of personal information Austral holds, for what purpose/s and how that information is collected, used, stored and disclosed.

1.   Collection of your Personal Information

Austral may collect personal information about you in certain circumstances such as where you contact or transact with us. We collect the information that you provide in your communications and transactions with us, including records of any contact we have with you by phone, email or online. We may also operate video and audio surveillance devices on our premises for purposes including security, training and dispute resolution.

2.   What kinds of Personal Information do we collect and hold?

As a large manufacturer and distributor of Rural Fencing and Wire Products, personal information collected and maintained by Austral generally comprises current and/or historical information such as (but not limited to):

  • Personal details such as name, address and drivers licence information;

  • Contact details including phone number/s, fax number and email address/es;

  • Business and/or Property name and address details, e.g. size and business type;

  • Banking payment details;

  • Reports from credit reporting agencies;

  • Trade organisational affiliations;

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address;

  • Enquiry and/or Complaint details.


This personal information is collected for the purpose of Austral’s dealings with its customers, performing credit worthiness checks in accordance with Austral’s commercial credit policy and promoting and marketing of Austral’s goods.

3.   Sensitive Information

"Sensitive Information" includes information about your racial or ethnic background, your health, political views/persuasions, membership of any political organisation or association, religious belief or affiliation, philosophical belief, sexual preference, or criminal record.

Austral will not generally collect sensitive information. If we do collect sensitive information about you, we will only do so with your express consent or where the collection is required or authorised by law.

4.   Government Related Identifiers

"Government related identifiers" are items such as drivers licence numbers. Austral only collect these where they are necessary to verify your identity for our business purposes, such as credit provision, or where such use or disclosure is required or authorised by law.

5.   Use of Personal Information

The personal information (as disclosed at the time of collection) that you provide to us may be used for business purposes relevant to our relationship with you.

Austral uses this information for the primary purpose of supplying you with our goods or services. It may include (but is not limited to):

  • Assessing and responding to your enquiries, requests and applications;

  • Fulfilling your orders;

  • Identifying other products and services that you might purchase;

  • Helping us improve our product and services offering;

  • Direct marketing of our products and services;

  • Relationship management;

  • Injury and safety management, and protecting our lawful interests.


Austral may not be able to do these things without your personal information.

Austral may contact you on an ongoing basis by phone, email, or other means regarding your account or (subject to any legal restrictions) for direct marketing. If you do not wish to receive direct marketing messages you can unsubscribe in accordance with the unsubscribe procedure set out at the bottom of that message.

6.   Disclosure of Personal Information

Austral is not likely to disclose your personal information to overseas parties or recipients.

Austral may exchange your personal information with our related companies, subcontractors, and service providers in the course of conducting our business. Austral will not disclose your personal information unless such disclosure is authorised under the Australian Privacy Principles. Some examples of such use or disclosure are:

  • Where necessary to prevent a threat to life, health or safety;

  • Where necessary to investigate suspected unlawful activity, to prevent or detect criminal offence or improper conduct;

  • Where necessary to collect overdue debts;

  • You have consented, either expressly or implicitly, to the disclosure of information about you.


7.   Security & Confidentiality

Austral store personal information in both paper-based records and in electronic form. Austral takes reasonable precautions and implements various security measures to protect the security and confidentiality of your personal information, to minimise the likelihood of loss, misuse, unauthorised access, modification or alteration. Austral also takes reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify information that is held about you when it is no longer required.

8.   Online Activity

Austral uses technology known as "cookies" when you visit our website/s to collect information. Cookies are electronic files that allow our system to identify and interact more effectively with your device and software. They help us to maintain the continuity of your browsing session and remember your preferences when you return. In many cases this happens anonymously.

The information collected by these cookies may contain personal information about you such as your browsing activities on any of Austral’s websites. Should you wish not to have your information collected through the use of cookies, Austral recommends that you disable cookies within your browser.

9.   Accessing your Personal Information

Upon request, Austral will give you access to any personal information which we hold about you. There are some exceptions to this, as allowed by law, and may be affected by matters such as:

  • Austral reasonably believes that access would pose a threat to life, health or safety of any individual or group of individuals;

  • Access to the information is commercially sensitive to Austral or one of its customers;

  • The request for access is frivolous or vexatious;

  • The existence of a legal dispute or potential legal dispute.


Austral will usually respond to requests for access to personal information within 30 days of receiving the request. If we refuse your access request, Austral will provide an explanation for doing so, in writing.

Austral will not charge you for access, however, we may charge you a reasonable fee to cover costs in relation to retrieving and supplying the information to you. Austral will inform you and obtain your agreement to any fee before the information is provided to you.

10.   Correction of your Personal Information

Austral takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information collected about you is accurate, up-to-date and relevant. If you believe a correction is needed, please provide us with as much detail as you can about the particular information you seek corrected, in order to help us facilitate the correction.

11.   Exemptions to this policy

This policy does not apply to information held by Austral about its employees or contractors.


12.   Resolving any Privacy Concerns

Austral have nominated a privacy officer to manage any privacy related matters. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, or believe we have not complied with our obligations under the Privacy Act, please contact Austral’s privacy officer by email at

13.   Changes to this policy

Austral reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy. It may be updated and amended from time to time. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be published on Austral’s website, The date on the bottom of this page indicates the latest update of this policy.


Policy last updated on 10th January, 2018.

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